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Offline Kiosk 1.0 for iPad Turns any Website into an Offline Kiosk

April 12, 2016

Seattle, Washington - Codium Labs today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Offline Kiosk 1.0, their new utility app developed for Apple's iPad and iPad Pro devices. Offline Kiosk allows anyone to convert an existing website into a full-featured offline "kiosk" version of the site that is viewable on an iPad anywhere and at any time - with no Internet connection needed. Offline Kiosk automatically downloads all content from the original website website to the iPad's storage space. This includes all pages, graphics, audio, video, and other information, and conveniently repackaging it into a self-contained presentation stored completely on the mobile device.

Creating a kiosk takes just three easy steps:
1.) Select the website to use.
2.) Tap the "Download" button.
3.) When the download is complete, simply tap the "Start" button to launch the kiosk.

Offline Kiosk is the perfect tool for use at trade shows, museum exhibits and tours, self-service locations and more. With no need for an Internet connection, the app offers sales and public relations people a complete solution for presenting marketing materials, engaging potential customers, capturing leads and sign-ups, or conducting surveys. Offline Kiosk is also handy for sharing always-available technical documentation with members of support teams.

Syncing with secure websites (that require a login and password), as well as the enabling of website surveys and forms, can be added via a handy in-app purchase. This allows collecting customer sign-ups, conducting surveys, and running educational programs without an Internet connection. The app caches all of the submitted forms in device memory, then automatically sends the data to the website when a connection is restored.

"Offline Kiosk is the perfect app for any business who has the need to supply up-to-date and complete information to their sales and support personnel," says Codium Labs founder Andrei Chtcherbatchenko. "The app's remote updating capabilities allow a business to update an entire fleet of devices automatically, whenever an internet connection is available, or by simply sending a push notification when new content is available!"

Offline Kiosk is built on the proven Offline Pages Pro app engine, which is available on both the Mac and iOS platforms. Offline Pages Pro has been a popular tool for any business arsenal since 2010, offering the most advanced and accurate offline browser available on any platform today. Offline Kiosk offers a number of features that sets it apart from the original app:

* Support for automatic website logins. Users are automatically redirected to a login page when necessary
* Support for forms submission. Perfect for conducting surveys, customer sign-ups, and more
* A simple user interface that allows users to create an offline kiosk from a website in just a few minutes
* Easy mass deployment to a fleet of devices
* Automatic and remote updates

Offline Kiosk aims to be the most advanced offline browsing solution available on any platform. Its proprietary technology allows cloning of almost any HTML5 website with just a few taps. The app supports a number of web frameworks right out of the box, including: Ajax, jQuery, Angular, TypeKit, Krpano, Wix, Squarespace, as well as generic HTML5 video, lightboxes, slideshows, and 3D panoramas. If users need support for a new framework, it can be added using developer API or website-specific settings.

Features include:
* Create offline kiosks from existing websites in minutes, no coding required
* Support for WordPress, including custom themes and most plugins
* Support for most popular web products and frameworks
* Support for new products can be added using a developer API
* Automatically saves HTML5 video and audio from supported hosting providers
* Capacity to download up to 50,000 pages per kiosk
* True fullscreen mode, offering a securely locked down view, with no controls exposed
* Support for Guided Access prevents users from switching to other apps
* Support for most common file types, including PDF and Office documents
* Website can be automatically updated in the background
* Content can be updated via scheduled updates, or remotely via push notification
* Sharing or emailing kiosk settings makes for easy mass deployment
* The ability to import and export downloaded kiosks
* The ability to import websites that are stored locally on Mac or PC
* Sync with secure websites that require login and password (with an in-app purchase)
* Accept sign-up forms or surveys both online and offline (with an in-app purchase)

For unsupervised operation, Offline Kiosk offers a number of options to control how a kiosk can be used by viewers. This includes preventing a user from exiting kiosk mode, whether to allow online browsing, email, printing, or updating, and more. The app can even prevent the iPad from going to sleep, to make sure the kiosk is always available for use.

Those who aren't sure if their website will function properly with Offline Kiosk are invited to visit Codium Labs online where a free compatibility tool is available to test the website. Users need only enter the URLs of up to three websites they wish to check for compatibility, and Codium Labs will email back screenshots of the webpages as they run offline on a device of the user's choice, including the iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone.

Device Requirements:
* iPad 2 or later
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 3.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Offline Kiosk 1.0 is $29.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Promotional codes are available to members of the press upon request.

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