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Equip the workforce with full offline access
to your corporate website and documentation.

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  • Easy setup for rapid
    large deployments

    Create a compressed archive of all the important website contents, then deploy it wirelessly to all devices in your organization. Employees can start using the content as soon as download finishes. There are no instructions to write, and no learning curve required.

  • Push updates to devices wirelessly

    Instead of relying on employees checking for updates, push incremental updates from the admin console at the precise moments. It is the only way you can be sure that all mobile employees have the most up-to-date information.

  • Your company branding
    and custom solutions

    Use your own home screen icon, graphics, and branding. Our apps are incredibly customizable. They can not only adapt to almost any website, but also integrate with your IT and provide offline analytics your business requires.

  • Support for websites that require login and password

    Our app can authenticate employees using your website prior to the initial device setup, or even a quick update. So only the authorized employees can access your sensitive information while offline.

  • Passcode-protected fullscreen demo mode

    Password-protected fullscreen mode is perfect for a kiosk, a hands-on client demo, or handout device at a trade fair. In the fullscreen mode, all editing functionality is safely locked away behind a passcode.

  • Web assets bundling
    and sideloading

    To save time and bandwidth, bundle the data that rarely changes, like PDF documents or video, within the app download package. Or connect device to a PC and load the data manually using iTunes file sharing.

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  • How long does it take to make an offline iOS app for my website?

    Depending on complexity of your website and the features you're looking for, making an offline app can take from several minutes to several weeks. However, most small business websites that don’t require advanced settings can usually be made into apps within 48 hours.

  • My website showcases products in slideshows which include photos, videos, and interactive HTML5 content. Will it still work offline?

    Yes. Offline Pages Business App Platform supports many kinds of interactive media, including slideshows, photo and video galleries, embedded video, virtual interactive tours, 3D panoramas, and more.

  • My website uses web forms to conduct surveys with users. Can we make them work even with iPad in Airplane mode?

    Yes. Offline Pages platform apps can be set up to collect information from users or delay form submission until the device connects to a network. Offline Forms is an example of such app. Offline form submission works transparently to a user and a website.