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Offline Pages Pro is world’s most capable offline browser. Download entire websites with all formatting, lightboxes, galleries, and video, so you can browse offline on your Mac — without any Internet connection.

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Retina MacBook running Offline Pages for OS X
  • Surf the Web offline

    Save entire websites with full pages, working links, and videos to your Mac. Browse the websites later, even when you're offline.

  • Save on mobile data

    Keep the cellular bandwidth usage low. Download favorite websites with videos while you're still at home, then browse while commuting — completely free.

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi

    Protect your Mac from malware, snoopers, and other dangers of insecure public networks. Only use a trusted connection to download websites you want.

  • Backup favorite sites

    Archive, backup, and preserve complete websites from disappearing because of lapsed payments, discontinued support, or cybercrime incidents.

  • Plan for emergency

    Be prepared for power failures or airport delays. Store important pages and full websites securely on your Mac's hard drive.

  • Ultra fast page load

    Load pages while you're offline up to 10x faster than using the fastest broadband or cellular connection.

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Trusted by business

Trusted by creative professionals, global sales teams and marketing firms alike, Offline Pages Pro is simply the most advanced offline browser you can find on any platform. We built it using the proprietary technology which allows cloning almost any HTML5 website so it can run offline with unprecedented precision.

Developer add-ons

Offline Pages Pro supports many web products and frameworks out of the box, like AJAX, jQuery, Angular, Adobe TypeKit, Krpano, Wix, Squarespace, as well as generic HTML5 video, lightboxes, slideshows, even 3D panoramas. Support for new web frameworks can be added using developer API or website-specific rules.

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Free website compatibility check

Not sure if your website will work while offline? We want you to have peace of mind, so we created this free compatibility tool. Send us the URL of your website and we will email you back screenshots of your webpages as they run offline on a device of your choice.

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