Download entire websites on iPad

Offline Pages Pro for iPad and iPhone

Offline Pages Pro app saves web pages and entire websites,
with all formatting, documents, and embedded videos, so you can
work with them offline — without any Internet connection.

Download Offline Pages Pro app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Retina iPad and iPhone devices running Offline Pages app Offline Pages on iPhone screenshots Offline Pages on iPad screenshots
  • Pixel-perfect preservation
    of website design

    Offline Pages browser is built with WebKit at its core, so it already supports HTML5, CSS3, and all modern technologies. Using our proprietary runtime, it can save websites and run them offline with unprecedented precision. This makes it perfect for sales teams, creative professionals, or design studios to demo their product to clients — even at 30,000 ft.

  • Support for websites that require login and password

    We know the need to keep information private and secure. For the enterprise world, our app supports modern security standards and can sync websites that require entering credentials on each visit. Utilizing Apple iPad or iPhone security, you can now have all your sensitive information at your fingertips anywhere, — and keep it secure at the same time.

  • Fullscreen mode for reading or presenting to clients

    Offline Pages in fullscreen mode is perfect for uncluttered reading, client demo, or handout device at an exhibition. There is a reason why best presenters in the world insist on canned product presentations — wireless networks cannot be trusted in a packed conference room. Don't let flaky guest Wi-Fi ruin your demo.

  • Automatic updates that run in background

    Save your cellular bandwidth for when you really need it. Offline Pages can be set to use available home or office connections to update stored websites in background. In return, when bandwidth becomes scarce, Offline Pages offers ultra fast page loading from device memory. People you travel with wouldn't believe you are not online.

  • Intelligent detection of important links

    Not all pages are worth keeping. In new Intelligent mode, Offline Pages app automatically detects body or content links and only follows them. It ignores navigation, menus, archives, footers, or inline text ads. It helps your browsing privacy, too, by detecting and avoiding tracking scripts or frames hidden in pages.

  • Ready for school, travel, and business

    Add articles from any device, PC or Mac using a button in browser, or by emailing documents to a secret mailbox. Organize your offline library of websites in folders, or use tags to filter them down by subject. Online or offline, make Offline Pages your default browser. It may as well be the only browser you ever need.

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    I got this app."