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Offline Pages Pro for iOS
Offline Pages Pro
Offline Kiosk for iPad or iPhone
Offline Kiosk
Custom offline browser app
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Download Offline Kiosk app for iPad and iPad Pro Download Offline Kiosk app for iPad and iPad Pro Get a Quote
Perfect offline browsing [?] Yes Yes Yes
Offline audio and video [?] Yes Yes Yes
PDF and office documents [?] Yes Yes Yes
Offline e-mail and printing Yes Yes Yes
Developer API Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of pages 50,000/website 50,000/website Unlimited
Add pages from any browser Yes
Article link following [?] Yes
Tag and organize pages in folders Yes
Sync with Macs, iPads, and iPhones Yes
Import local websites [?] Yes Yes Yes
One-click manual refresh Yes Yes Yes
Automatic refresh by schedule Yes Yes Yes
Refresh by a push notification [?] Yes Yes
Easy mass deployments [?] Yes Yes
Secure full screen presentation [?] Yes Yes
iOS Guided Access support [?] Yes Yes
Offline WordPress [?] Yes Yes
Offline krpano VR tours Yes Yes
Automatic website login [?] Add-on [?] Yes
Offline forms and surveys [?] Add-on [?] Yes
Custom icon and branding [?] Yes Yes
Zero-configuration [?] Yes
Language or region selector Yes
Touch ID protection of the entire app Yes
Offline app usage analytics Yes
Accelerated deployment [?] Yes
End-to-end encryption Yes
Bundled web assets [?] Yes
Sideloading web assets [?] Yes
Hybrid offline apps Yes
Enterprise IT integration Yes
Free 12-month servicing period Yes

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