Offline Forms for iPad

Collect feedback, conduct surveys and sign up customers on the spot using offline web forms.

Offline Forms mobile app automatically syncs with your online forms.
Capture data anytime and anywhere — even offline. The app safely
keeps captured data in memory until network becomes available.

Available September 2019

Offline Forms app screenshot
  • Fill out PDF and web forms while offline

    Filling out e-forms should not require Internet access. Offline Forms app securely stores completed forms on iPad until Wi-Fi or cellular network becomes available, then automatically syncs them with your website.

  • Capture signatures, photos and location

    Offline Forms app supports all features of modern HTML5 forms - signature capture, camera access, GPS location, and more. Developer API also allows you to add new field types.

  • Sync offline forms
    with your website

    No need to rebuild your forms from scratch. Offline Forms app imports your existing web forms and converts them for offline use. Best of all, the app automatically keeps offline forms updated in case you need to change anything.

  • Add offline forms to
    your CRM workflow

    Design data capture forms once, use them everywhere. Your web forms look and feel identically in browser and in Offline Forms app on the iPad, even when it's offline.

  • Replace clipboards with high-tech kiosks

    Offline Forms for iPad allows you to make high-tech kiosks using your existing web forms. Idle timer and power-saving mode help iPad battery last longer to serve your next customer.

  • Skip manual data entry

    All the data captured in Offline Forms are automatically forwarded when the iPad connects to a network. There is no need to type or manually transfer the data. You can also export data from iPad directly to Excel or Numbers.