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Offline Pages Pro for iOS

Offline Pages is a deceptively simple and incredibly powerful offline browser. It is widely regarded as the most accurate offline browser available on any platform. Offline Pages Pro adds intelligent crawler engine capable of making exact replicas of large HTML5 websites, and running them on iPad or iPhone without the need for Internet connection.

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April 2010Offline Pages 1.0 launches on iPad and shoots to top #3 position in US App Store, #1 in all other countries.
September 2010Offline Pages Pro launches as an in-app upgrade and a standalone app.
November 2010Offline Pages released on iPhone and iPod touch.
2011 - 2012Over 20 custom enterprise solutions deployed based on Offline Pages Pro.
November 2013Offline Pages 2.0 launches with reinvented UI, iOS 7 support, and new-generation WebKit browser.

Media Assets

All assets in a single ZIP file (4.3MB)

Please follow the ground rules when using our media assets:

  • Use localized assets when available.
  • Use correct resolution for maximum sharpness.
  • Assets are optimized for use on web and in mobile apps. Contact us for higher resolutions for print.

iPad Screenshots

Screenshot of Offline Pages on iPad in landscape orientation Screenshot of Offline Pages on iPad in portrait orientation
Offline Pages saves a page from tabbed browser Offline Pages saves a page with embedded video Offline Pages displays PDF reader with variety of sharing tools Offline Pages displays settings view and automatic update schedule

iPhone Screenshots

Screenshot of Offline Pages tabbed browser on iPhone Offline Pages displays saved pages view with tags and folders Offline Pages saves a page from browser
Offline Pages displays advanced settings with media download, JavaScript and user-agent options Offline Pages displays custom link crawling settings


1024 x 1024
Oversized Offline Pages icon
512 x 512
Large Offline Pages icon
152 x 152
Offline Pages icon for Retina iPad
120 x 120
Offline Pages icon for Retina iPhone
76 x 76
Offline Pages icon for non-Retina iPad
60 x 60
Offline Pages icon for non-Retina iPhone


  • Deep caching of most HTML5 websites, and running them as functional offline apps
  • Pixel-perfect preservation of website design
  • Advanced array of settings to fine-tune to specific websites
  • Support for websites that require login and password
  • Support for variety of media hosting providers
  • Modern WebKit browser with tabs and folders
  • Fullscreen mode for reading or presenting
  • Automatic background updates
  • Intelligent crawler engine with detection of important links and multi-page articles
  • Download up to 50,000 pages per website.

System Requirements

Offline Pages 2.x and Offline Pages Pro 2.x have the minimum system requirements:

  • iOS 5.1.1
  • iPad first generation
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch 3rd generation.

64-bit binary is available on iPhone 5S, iPad Air or later devices. Some features may not be available on all hardware.


Codium Labs, LLC was founded in March 2009 by Andrei Chtcherbatchenko with a mission of bringing desktop quality productivity software to iOS. In November 2009, Codium Labs shipped Babelshot for iPhone which featured first of its kind mobile OCR system using smartphone camera for input and on-device text recognition. Codium Labs operates from Redmond, Washington. It is entirely self-funded, profitable, and not looking for outside investment.

Promo Codes

Codium Labs uses most of the 50 free promotional codes to distribute with each new version on a first-come, first-serve basis. Send your request to Codium Labs reserves the right to refuse promo codes to anyone for any reason.

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