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Offline Kiosk for iPad

Offline Kiosk allows you to convert an existing website into a full-featured offline kiosk running on iPad. It only takes few minutes and requires no coding. The app automatically downloads all pages to device memory, including documents, audio, video, slideshows, 3D viewers, and stores every component so that the entire website can work offline — without any network connection.

This makes Offline Kiosk the perfect app for a trade show booth, self-service station, or museum exhibit. Business customers use Offline Kiosk to engage booth visitors, capture leads, collect sign-ups, conduct surveys, even push marketing materials or technical documentation to their own sales teams.

Offline Kiosk is built on Offline Pages Pro app engine. First released in 2010, Offline Pages Pro remains the most advanced and accurate offline browser you can find on any platform.

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Media Assets

All assets in a single ZIP file (4.1MB)


1024 x 1024
Oversized Offline Kiosk icon
512 x 512
Large Offline Kiosk icon
152 x 152
Offline Kiosk icon for Retina iPad
120 x 120
Offline Kiosk icon for Retina iPhone
76 x 76
Offline Kiosk icon for non-Retina iPad


Screenshot of Offline Kiosk app displaying list of kiosks on iPad

Screenshot of Offline Kiosk app downloading a website on iPad


  • Create offline kiosks from existing websites in minutes and without coding
  • Built-in support for WordPress, including custom themes and popular plugins
  • Built-in support for most popular web products and frameworks. Support for new products can be added using the developer API.
  • Capture complex page layouts with pixel precision, full interactivity, and working links
  • Automatically save embedded HTML5 video and audio from supported hosting providers
  • Download up to 50,000 pages per kiosk
  • Download and run multiple kiosks on same device
  • True fullscreen mode, securely locked down with no public controls exposed
  • Supports most common file types, including PDF and Office documents
  • Update content from a website automatically in background
  • Supports secure websites that require login and password
  • Update content by schedule or remotely by push notification
  • Accept sign-up forms or surveys both online and offline
  • Supports Guided Access to prevent switching to other apps
  • Share or email kiosk settings for easy mass deployment
  • Import and export downloaded kiosks
  • Import websites stored locally on Mac or PC

System Requirements

Offline Kiosk 1.0 has the minimum system requirements:

  • iOS 8.0
  • iPad 2 or later

64-bit binary is available on iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later devices. Some features may not be available on all hardware.


Codium Labs, LLC was founded in March 2009 by Andrei Chtcherbatchenko with a mission of bringing desktop quality productivity software to iOS. In November 2009, Codium Labs shipped Babelshot for iPhone which featured first of its kind mobile OCR system using smartphone camera for input and on-device text recognition. Codium Labs operates from Redmond, Washington. It is entirely self-funded, profitable, and not looking for outside investment.

Promo Codes

Codium Labs uses most of the 50 free promotional codes to distribute with each new version on a first-come, first-serve basis. Send your request to Codium Labs reserves the right to refuse promo codes to anyone for any reason.

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