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Offline Pages for Mac 1.0 Saves Entire Websites for Offline Browsing

December 15, 2015

Seattle, Washington - Codium Labs today is proud to announce the release of Offline Pages for Mac 1.0, one of the most advanced and intelligent offline browsers available on any platform. Offline Pages allows saving almost any website for offline use. Offline Pages Pro for iOS has been available for 5 years, and has been downloaded over 300,000 times, saving over 3.5 million unique web pages for our users. The popular offline browsing app is now available on the Mac, allowing users on the desktop platform to save favorite sites for offsite browsing.

Offline Pages makes use of a combination of intelligent algorithms that, along with the user's custom settings, make each saved website a personalized experience. The reliability and easy configuration of Offline Pages makes the app a tool of choice for businesses and individuals that are in need of accessing websites while offline, allowing viewing as if they are standalone apps, no matter if they have an Internet connection or not. This makes Offline Pages particularly valuable to road warriors, such as marketing and sales professionals who may not always have access to a secure connection to their websites via cellular or Wi-Fi connections.

"Our popular Offline Pages Pro app for iOS has become a go-to app among sales and marketing professionals who may need to access websites while on the road, but don't have access to a reliable and secure connection to protect their company's proprietary data," says Codium Labs founder Andrei Chtcherbatchenko. "With Offline Pages for Mac, we've brought that same easy to use, yet reliable offline access to websites to Mac users."

Benefits of Using Offline Pages Include:
* Pay less for cellular bandwidth
* Avoid flaky and insecure public Wi-Fi
* Ability to browse websites on subway or airplane
* Ultra fast page loading
* Backup, archive and preserve important websites
* Extend company Intranet to employee-owned devices
* Prepare for emergencies

Offline Pages offers a number of features to help organize and sync a user's data. The app offers a tabbed browser that allows users to have multiple websites open at once, as well as the ability to share links from the built-in browser to users of other devices, as well as directly to their iOS devices by email via the app's sharing feature. Saved websites can consist of a single page, or every page available in the online version of the website. The offline library of websites can be easily organized in folders and can be assigned tags to allow filtering them via user-definable subjects.

Feature Highlights:
* Copies entire websites to the hard drive for offline access
* Settings can be fine-tuned on a website-by-website basis
* Supports most HTML5 websites, allowing them to run as fully functional offline apps
* Supports HTML5 video, lightboxes, slideshows, and virtual reality panoramas
* Supports websites that require login and password information
* Modern Safari-compatible browser, including tabs and folders
* Full screen mode available
* Automatic background updates
* Intelligent detection of important links and multi-page articles
* Logical, easy to understand user interface
* Download up to 50,000 pages per website

"By using Offline Pages for the Mac, users can now access their favorite websites directly from their hard drive, whenever a reliable Internet connection isn't available," added Andrei. "Plus, unlike some other apps that claim to save websites for offline viewing, Offline Pages grabs the entire website, including modern HTML5 slideshows, lightboxes, and VR viewers, not just simple graphics and other media files. This offers the best offline browsing experience available to Mac users today."

As well as using Offline Pages to save their own websites for presentations to clients, users can also make use of the app to download a customer's site for research when an Internet connection is unavailable, such as on a plane or train. The app can also be used for entertainment purposes, allowing recreational viewing of popular websites while out of range of a data connection. The app's ability to download thousands of pages of information from websites, as well as the ability to view the saved sites full screen, makes the app a valuable addition to any road warrior's arsenal.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
* 64-bit Processor
* 500 MB storage space recommended

Pricing and Availability:
Offline Pages for Mac 1.0 is only $29.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Review copies are available upon request.

Offline Pages Pro for Mac 1.0
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